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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we are -- we are under bone dry air this morning. freeze warning until 8:00 for north bay we could have mid 20s, frost advisory everywhere else except the coast temperatures depositing into the upper 20s in a few isolated areas. reporting stations mid 30s to low 40s around the bay. upper 20s to mid 30s inland. this afternoon this will be a distant memory, near 50 coast, low to mid 50s for the rest of us. roadwork in the process of being picked southbound and northbound on the golden gate bridge northern end of the span, some of the crews coming across now they will reconfigure southbound lanes to four, two northbound a few cars headed into the city from marin light at the bay bridge obviously no metering lights and no problems upper deck. heading out now, 580 up and over the altamont highway 4 out of antioch east shore freeway from the carquinez to the maze less than 20 minutes.
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new details just in i-5 closed to all northbound traffic north of reading, we have learned that as as 75 vehicles were involved in that massive pile-up that closed i-5 more than 10 hours, it started when a big rig slammed into the median near hornbrook north of yreka, 6:30 last night that triggered a chain reaction pile-up that stretched more than two miles, 16 injured, seven taken to the hospital. people stuck are being bused to shelters an hour and a half south of the crash tow trucks lined the freeway to haul away cars the area remains a winter advisory. oakland firefighters investigating early morning blaze nascent a security guard to the hospital the fire started around midnight in a pick-up truck near railroad
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and clara street, the flames spread to nearby commercial building the security guard was at the scene during the fire and taken to the hospital. investigators state truck was reported stolen from hayward last week. dozens of bay area's neediest are braving the coal this morning for a chance at a holiday food giveaway annual event at glide memorial church. amy hollyfield is there live. the need seems especially great this year. >> reporter: yeah, people have been waiting in line all night to be able to receive a bag of groceries. check out the line stretching all the way down the block around the corner people started getting in line last night after dinner. glide memorial is expecting to hand out 5500 bags of groceries today, officials noticing their clientele is aging. more seniors, you are
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going to see 99% seniors waiting in the line that's the hardest is that, it is growing. i think a lot of us in the business, if you will, we see this -- we call it the silver tsunami. >> reporter: glide says the need is high and donations are down a bit they don't know if it is because people are waiting until after the election to see what was going to happen or worried about the fiscal cliff. they say this is possible because of corporate donations. they say it is very expensive to do this. 5500 bags handed out today, they start at 7:30 this morning. they will likely have to turn people away. they will be giving groceries away until 12:30 this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. police agencies in san jose investigating a 911 call about a person with a gun that brought major police action to city college last
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night. video shows a s.w.a.t. team going floor by floor searching the campus last night after hours of searching, nobody with a gun was found students were released. it was scary considering the school shooting spree in connecticut police say they are not sure if the report was a hoax or not, the caller was reporting someone else had seen a gun. union representing san francisco teachers meets today to consider a resolution supporting restrictions on assault weapons. the union is considering support for senator feinstein's legislation calling for stricter controls. the head of united educators rejecting a call by some lawmakers to allow school personnel to carry concealed weapons. saying schools should be a sanctuary from violence. >> i would not want to have somebody on the campus designated as your campus shooter. we don't think putting the
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guns in the hands of teacher solves the problem. >> this morning president obama is announcing plans to put vice president biden in charge of a special commission. >> to address the mass shooting were you talking about in the wake of last friday's attack that kill 26 at a connecticut school. mark greenblatt has the latest from sandy hook element trip. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting another somber day here with more funerals expected to get underway shortly. in the center of town, the memorial behind me has been growing it now extents back around the corner and far out of -- now extends back around the corner and far out of side. four more funerals will be held today. three for children who died. >> it is hard to get your mind around it that someone so young would leave us in such a
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peaceful community over such a horrific event. >> reporter: teacher victoria soto will be laid to rest today. >> vicki died a hero she was protecting her children whichrñ she loved very much she didn't call them her students she called them her kids. >> reporter: tuesday the sudden grim need for multiple funerals went on display in a painful new way when the service for 6-year-old james ended mourners left exchanging hugs with many waiting outside for the next service for jessica, also 6-years-old. >> i've never been in a situation like this where i'm watching a sea of people leaving a funeral for a child and another sea of people waiting at the side of the church trying to get in for the next funeral. >> reporter: students in newtown, connecticut returned to school for the first time since the shooting. sandy hook elementary remains closed, perhaps for good. >> i will always been worried
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now it is very bad. >> reporter: students from sandy hook will use a building in the neighboring town of monroe. volunteers have been preparing the school tran -- transforming that building into something worthy of a new home. >> brave face march up to the door say hello to his teacher and walk away and then cry. it is surreal. >> reporter: a few hours from now the white house is expected to announce new federal initiative, expected to try to prevent more shootings like this from happening. mark greenblatt, abc news. we have breaking news in the south bay, firefighters have found a body will responding to an early morning fire. terry mcsweeney at the scene. >> reporter: i'm here in campbell behind the whole foods on south -- this is where firefighters respond
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1:15 this morning, report of smoke coming out of a detached storage unit many joining me sergeant berg tell me what was found? >> after firefighters extinguished the fire, unfortunately, a deceased body was located inside. >> reporter: can you describe the scene? >> the detached storage unit is to a carport and the unit has miscellaneous property inside from residents. >> reporter: at this point, how are you approaching this? you found a person did he die of smoke inhalation, something else? >> at this point the cause of death and fire still under investigation. the police department and county arson investigator are working together to locate evidence and find a cause of what happened this morning. >> reporter: sergeant, thank
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you. that's the story from here a block behind whole foods on south bass couple, uponing to a fire in -- in a detached unit, body found, cause of death, unknown. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. hundreds of bay area nurses will be holding another mass protest today. kaiser rn's are picketing at 21 holds, -- 21 hospitals, also demonstrating in facilities in northern california, they are protesting inadequate staffing, kaiser is disputing that saying levels comply with and sometimes exceed requirements. 5:10. maybe frost on your windshield as you head out get that credit card/cd holder/whatever you got.
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>> maybe you are man enough like eric to admit you used the seat warmers this morning. >> i'm man enough to admit that. mountain view 11° cooler, san jose 10, los gatos 13. significantly cooler than yesterday many 20s north bay, most inland valleys hovering around 30 at 7:00, frosty mid to upper 30s coast and around the bay general rule. as we head towards noon, temperatures more homogenized, sunshine during the 4:00 hour, chilly this eve -- this evening. low to mid 40s by 7:00. rain the best chance tomorrow in the north bay, today and tomorrow to get ready,
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everybody gets rain friday and saturday, temperatures warm a little from low to mid 50s today to mid to upper 50s friday and saturday. light out there now out of novato southbound 101 past ignacio towards lucas valley road looking good, no delays on golden gate once you get southbound. we have a little brake lights on the flat section of the san mateo bridge at this hour. things pick up as you go to the highrise up and over towards foster city boulevard. east pwaoupb good hayward direction, no delays, "sig alert" ben lomond area glen arbor wires down both directions of high 9 roadwork eastbound 4 until 5:30 westbound at the limit out of antioch towards pittsburg. 5:12. facebook's zuckerberg shares hefty portion of his
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fortune how it will be used to help people in the bay area. inextra grams, instant retreat, ñuñúa
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it is cold out there, frost advisories, freeze warning mike tracking all that
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as we take a live look at the bay looking from san francisco's sutro tower camera, clear. two cities in the north bay tied for the lowest temperatures. facebook's mark zuckerberg is giving nearly half a billion dollars to a silicon valley charity, 18 million shares of facebook to the silicon valley community foundation will help health and education projects this is his largest donation ever. two years ago he gave 100 million dollars worth of stock to schools in newark, new jersey. instagram is backing down from a controversial policy change that would have allowed your photos to be sold to advertisers, without you getting money from it. the move came too little and too late to stave off a public relations nightmare. >> reporter: word spread quickly among instagram use there's a proposed change
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would let their personal photos be sold for use by advertisers. >> i wouldn't want my pictures sold without my knowledge. >> i'm not going to take pictures. >> reporter: the foundation said the risk would be big users would give up all rights to keep photos private. >> few restrictions in terms of how advertisers could use your photos. >> reporter: they could show up in a tv commercial? >> tv commercial, next to content around the web. >> reporter: suggested maybe it is not the photos they want. >> they want the data attached to the photos, whether it is your location, certain key words. >> reporter: that would be for advertisers to better target you now it is owned by facebook, instagram has to make money. >> facebook users revolt all the time and facebook never changes anything because they are running a business. >> reporter: the complaints were so loud, instagram
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listened. instagram is backing down. it is not our intention to sell your photos, we are working on updated language in the terps to make sure this is clear. he added they plan to remove language that would have allowed your pictures to be part of an advertisement. there are plenty of other ways instagram can still use your information. >> stop using it. no one is forcing to you. >> reporter: one user told us she is headed that way. not just with instagram. >> i ton know how much longer i will be using facebook because of all these things happening. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. substitute teacher from marin county is seven million dollars richer thanks to a judge's ruling. the judge declared that she is the sole heir to the fortune of her late cousin, 69-year-old died in his nevada home last summer, a crew found enough gold coins in his
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garage to fill two wheel barrels. it is worth nearly 7 1/2 million dollars and a nevada court ruled that she is his only surviving relative. she has not commented. her students are going to have the best supplies, the best crayons. >> her students may never see her again. >> that's true too. >> what can you see out there q 27 napa, santa rosa, 23 petaluma. 29 in woodside peninsula starting to get chilly in at least the valleys. frost probably around foster city frost for foster city tough to say this time of the morning. radar and satellite live doppler, quiet don't put that
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wet weather gear too far away rain on the way. oakland into the 30s, everybody into the 30s except fairfield, napa and santa rosa upper 20s, san francisco 41, san jose 35, frosty temperatures in los gatos, 32. monterey 39°. sunshine today, chilled, temperatures still cool for this time of the year. almost as chilly tonight and rain on the way thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. high pressure dividing our storm system from earlier in the week and the one coming into the north bay tomorrow you can see the jet stream going to pull oneñyosr more stom in behind that, so that one-two punch still possible. tomorrow morning at 5:00, lack
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of clouds, going to be almost as cold tomorrow morning. most of the cloud cover across the north bay a few sprinkles possible from morning to afternoon in the north bay, not until 5:00 we start to see steadier rain out of mendocino county into sonoma with by midnight, the steadier rain starting to move into the heart of the bay down 80 fairfield, vallejo across oakland, san francisco, moderate rain north bay throughout the morning hours tomorrow as we get into the heart of the rush some of the moderate rain towards san francisco over towards oakland by 9:00, everybody in the rain. earlier you can leave tomorrow in the south bay more likely you will get a dry commute. showers most friday on even off, steadier rain moves in friday night into saturday. rainfall totals up to friday evening impressive north bay, if we see flooding that would be the area very small
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possibility. saturday and sunday we could double rainfall totals as we head towards monday and tuesday, increasing sunshine and temperatures still in the 50s. folks traveling i-5 shutdown northbound north of by reyka to massive pile-up last night -- southbound only one lane getting by. light conditions closer to home, east shore freeway past golden gate fields university avenue overcrossing light into emeryville and macarthur maze. no delays there, no delays at the bay bridge toll, everything moving nicely upper deck into san francisco, no delays through the tunnel and the central valley drive times 20 minutes from the altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton area no delays westbound checking in with mass transit great way to go,
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everybody is on schedule. 5:22. why is rudolph's nose red? how much would you shell out to attend a sporting event? you won't believe the sky high price being paid for one
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. dutch scientists determined the most likely reason that rudolph has that red nose. their conclusion, his nose
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overheats. the team ran tests on reindeer to investigate and this is video. they say rudolph exerts so much energy pulling the slay -- pulling the sleigh it over works his cooling mechanism. rudolph has a cold, par sid i can infection for suffering from -- from alcoholic intoxication. they have to have proof before they can smear rudolph. you may have skin that is reddish this morning from the cold. definitely cold and dry all the moisture coagulating or condensing in the form of frost on the cars, rooftops, grass, if you like to play golf, no way you are getting on those courses until that frost melts. low to mid 50s today.
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doppler across the state quiet now, rain and high elevations in the northern part of the stay sunshine and near 60 l.a. and san diego, winter storm watch starting tomorrow morning through saturday evening, two to five feet of snow possible above 7,000 feet get there as quick as you can and enjoy it. >> no chain requirements anywhere in the sierra. update on i-5 situation. there was a massive crash last northbound shutdown, southbound, north of yreka is reopened so you can get through southbound no estimated time for northbound reopening. busy san mateo bridge from hayward side towards foster city, 15 minute drive, typical. "sig alert" santa cruz mountains near ben lomond due to downed power lines, both directions of highway 9 shutdown now. 5:27. you think it is expensive to watch the warriors play?
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try getting a ticket to tonight's contest between the knicks and nets at madison square garden. bloomberg reports tickets online from a reseller tonight's game, tops old record of $530 set by the same two teams on the nets' home floor last week. these are the highest prices paid for nba tickets this season. there's not even lin-sanity to go along with it. >>. >> we are still following breaking news in the south bay. fires make a grim discovery while responding to a fire. what investigators are revealing about a body found at the scene. >> in oakland police investigating suspicious fire what in
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>> good morning many 5:30 on this wednesday i'm i'm eric thomas. breaking news in campbell arson investigators on the scene of a parking structure fire and a body was discovered signed. >> we'll get to terry mcsweeney in a little bit. right now our other big story is that it is very cold. terry is ready. >> what do we know? >> reporter: what we know now is a body has been discovered in a storage area behind a apartment building a block behind whole foods on south bascomb. firefighters came out to reports of a fire 1:15 this morning. they found a smoldering storage unit behind this apartment building attached to
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a carport. when they went in, they found a body. we talked to a sergeant with the campbell police department a short time ago. >> at this point, the cau667+t death and the cause of fire still under investigation. the police department and arson investigators are working together to locate evidence and find a cause of what happened. >> reporter: we've come back live, we have an opportunity to look at the storage unit where the smoke was coming from where the body was found right now as we heard investigators looking at this suspicious fire from what they could see a look at the person who was inside that storage unit they -- there [ inaudible ] there was not any kind of mark on the body but there had been smoke in there. we did not hear there had been
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a lot of flames mostly smoke the person found inside is yet terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. that other big story, the cold. >> we have low 20s now mike? >> 23 in petaluma cold spot now 29 woodside and 34 in foster city, temperatures in the 20s in the north bay, getting near 20s east bay valleys, you can see how cold it is, we den have clouds, we don't have rain nothing to keep us warp. -- 35 san jose, 30 to -- 33 redwood city, 38 oakland, 41 san francisco. as far as winds, they are nonexistent. when you step out, it is going to feel almost what the temperature is by the afternoon, near 50 at the
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coast low to mid 50s for the rest of us. >> minor delay at bay bridge toll, if you are paying cash headlights backing up a bit. otherwise everything is moving nicely, no metering lights yet no delays upper deck. san jose 87 northbound not a bad ride, past the julian exit, we have no problems northbound. drive times heading out now 680 good through the san ramon valley highway 24 to 580, 24 westbound from 680 to the caldecott still a drive out of santa rosa towards novato just under a half an hour no problems there southbound 101. breaking news i-5 remains closed to all northbound traffic near the oregon border. crews still cleaning up, 11 hours after a massive chain reaction crash near hornbrook north of yreka.
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75 vehicles were involved. that stretched more than two miles. 16 people were hurt, seven taken to the hospital. you are looking at pictures from the scene. the chp doesn't know when the interstate will be roped. people are being offered shelter -- it started when a big rig hit a median bad weather and black ice are being blamed. while more victims of the sandy hook school shooting are laid to rest today a bay area senator and president obama are preparing to announce proposals to cub gun violence. katie marzullo -- to curb gun violence. >> reporter: politicians honing in on prevention in the wake of the school tragedy in connecticut. 7 a.m. senator boxer will talk about her new legislation to provide state and local officials with new resources and tools to enhance school security. house democrats holding a news conference calling for passage of a bill banninging assault
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magazines. 8:45, president obama will outline steps to tighten gun restrictions. it could include a ban on assault-style weapons. the president is putting vice president biden in charge of that effort. in connecticut today, more funerals. teacher victoria soto will be laid to rest today and par mens will bury more children, 20 students were murdered -- the school serve -- the school will not resume classes until after the winter break when it does it will be in another town. >> going to put on a brave face, march up to the door say hello to his teacher i'll walk away and cry. it is so surreal. >> reporter: as for the investigation, cnn reporting toxicology tests underway to determine if lanza took medication prior to the murders and the chief medical
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examiner is seeking genetic clues to help explain lanza's killing spree. katie marzullo, abc7 news. across the country, people are still finding ways to deal with emotions from the tragedy, including many who turned out for a candlelight vigil in pleasanton. those shaken by news of the shooting came tooú another through words, music and art. one man said he's heartbroken at a time of year when people should be celebrating life. no one more moved than ann fisher who grew up with one of the shooting victims,&d#l vicki soto. >> i called 5:30 that night and vicki did not make it, she was one of the teachers who was killed. ♪ ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound i'm going to say thank you for doing this for them, i know the people in connecticut would just love this >> people told us the event
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did help them feel a little better knowing the healing has begun. developing news out of oakland. a security guard has been sent to the hospital following a fire it started midnight in a pick-up truck parked nearml#)ç railroadq 'mz and clark -- the flames from the truck spread to a nearby commercial building the security guard was at the scene during the fire, he was taken to the hospital.?é investigators state truck was reported stolen. search teams will begin looking for a small plane that may have crashed in yosemite national park. the plane disappeared from radar monday night with only the pilot onboard. the pilot is a man in his 60s. he had taken off headed for mammoth lakes bad weather force the search to be called off yesterday, officials head back out today. san leandro police searching for a man suspected of robbing a downtown batch.
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officers with weapons drawn, swarmed the area on east 14th street yesterday afternoon. police say a man walked into a us bank branchb/÷ and passed a note to the teller demanding cash. officers thought the man was still inside the bank, he was not. investigators have not released a detailed description yet. "time" magazine just revealed its 2012 person of the year, that is president barack obama. mr. obama will receive the honor in 2008 or he received it then, when he was president-elect. temperatures in the low 20s in some places. >> temperatures of the year not the year but mike these
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are -- [ inaudible ] >> san francisco forest hill area the coldest area in san francisco, 36° now. sunnyvale, saratoga, palo alto, los gatos, campbell, san ramon valley, north bay valleys all at 32° or cooler now. frost advisory panning out for the east bay valleys, shoreline and santa clara valley. a lot of mid to upper 20s in the north bay now. freeze warning panning out, temperatures stay in this dangerous category through 8:00 this morning, after that you can uncover the plants and let the pets back out. temperatures 5 to 13° cooler than this time yesterday. if you thought yesterday was cold, wait until you step out this morning. good thing, when you are out there scraping the ice off your car not much of a wind chill, mid to upper 40s noon, low to mid 50s 4:00, sunshine,
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clear air 7:00 back in the low to mid 50s. rain moves into the north bay tomorrow. the rest of us get rain and warmer weather, friday and saturday. good drive 80 westbound past golden gate fields, into berkeley and emeryville past university avenue everything at the limit, a little slowing past 580 junction when 80 and 580 merge. other than that good. golden gate bridge, four lanes southbound no delays out of marin no problems over the waldo, sunol grade, reports of accident off the side of the road south 680 at paloma past highway 84. accident on the shoulder san bruno south 101 at san bruno avenue, cleared. slowing out of antioch westbound highway 4 towards pittsburg, 40 miles an hour, there typical. hillcrest to 242 right around 20 minute drive towards
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concord. 5:41. stopping abuses at the top, local lawmaker presides over financial reforms after a scandal he brought on himself. amazing scene in the pacific north we have after rain proved to be too much
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welcome back. update on a dog reportedly abandoned in santa cruz county. we told you yesterday morning a woman told the animal shelter she found this springer spaniel with a sign that read homeless. the dog was in bad health and had to be put down. the woman lied. the dog belonged to her. investigators say she finally admitted that she couldn't afford the euthanasia fee. you may have to wait a while get your federal tax refund. >> ohio. good morning if you think -- filing is a big headache you may be in store for a migraine. instead of being ready by mid january this time the irs may not be ready to process your return until late march, possibly later the ongoing fiscal cliff talks creating uncertainty on how much in taxes filers will owe. boehner getting a back-up bill
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ready for a vote in case fiscal cliff talks fail not clear if his plan b has votes to pass. head of american express under consideration to be the next treasury secretary. white house has approached him about joining the obama administration and treasury one of the positions under discussion sources say white house chief of staff is still the lead contender to replace geithner. forbes citing taiwan economic news, amazon ordered five million smartphones from foxconn. the planned retail price between $100 and 2200. i'm jane king at the new york stock exchange -- in morning folks in the northwest are cleaning up the damage left by a powerful storm the weather is getting the blame for this mudslide in washington state. a 75 foot wall of mud and debris rolls off the hill into
5:46 am
a passing train and derails it this happened monday in everett, washington a long shoreman said he had a feeling something was going to go wrong. mike are with we getting their storm eventually? >> that moved to the east. more temperatures, warmest this morning, pier 1 in san francisco, 45 there 32° if you are headed -- rcv&q?c-kzo-]>n5 radar, satellite everything way from us now waiting for that next storm going to come
5:47 am
at us from the northwest. reporting stations>ai 20s north bay valleys, 30s everywhere else until you get to san francisco officially 41° downtown. monterey 39°. three hard hitting things i want to talk about sunny today, cool, almost as chilly tonight rain on the way thursday north bay, friday through sunday for the rest of us high pressure splitting systems steering this system north nowing going to keep it there for the better -- going to keep it there for the better part of the day. 5:00 tomorrow morning. hardly clouds almost as cold tomorrow morning. i think we'll see frost inland valleys, 5 p.m. clouds on the increase light rain in the north bay, steadier rain
5:48 am
moving along i-80 by midnight, moderate rain north bay where it will be for the better part of the morning. starting to move towards san francisco and oakland by 5:00, all of us will have wet weather during the morning commute tomorrow with cold front moving through then more showery in nature noon into the afternoon, waves of light to moderate rain possible from friday to sunday. north bay if we had any floodinging that would be the area up to four -- inches up to inch and a half north bay valleys. looks like the storm is going to leave its mark more on the north bay. the rest of us will get our rain saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday, dry.?> nice commute south 101 out of novato towards lucas valley road central san rafael,
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headlights past marin ymca towards civic center, no delays golden gate bridge, minor delays bay bridge toll for cash paying folks, no metering lights yet, smooth sailing upper deck towards treasure island. "sig alert" and wires down highway 9 at shadowbrook detour is to glen arbor, they are saying 10:30 before they get the wires out of the road. slowing out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass towards the dublin pleasanton area. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on schedule. some korean-americans in the bay area have been up all night watching returns in a landmark presidential election in south the country could have its first woman leader in more than 1,000 years. they say she is on track, according to exit polls to take this thing she is the daughter of a ruthless dictator who was assassinated by the korean intelligence
5:50 am
service. the conservative is in that tight race against liberal son of north korean refugees. both vow to narrow the gap between rich and poor and help rival north korea. coming up, daring escape from a federal lock-up, two inmates got away, 20 stories up. bay area driver in a tight spot, literally. where he was añ;x;x;x
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welcome back. chp officers faced an inusual challenge in marin county how to free a driver who wedged his car on to a bike path? the elderly driver was trying get on 101 near greenbrae but got confused and drove on to a bike path then found himself jammed in. >> the vehicle wedged in pretty well we hadje to pull it loose with a tow truck once it was free another officer was able to get into the driver's seat and back the vehicle out. >> there was scratching and scraping to wiggle the car loose the chp officer then backed it out. the 87-year-old driver told abc7 news he was on his way to get an eye exam at the dmv when he made wrong turn. >> i feel bad for him.
5:54 am
i know he must have been embarrassed. >> without a doubt. >> thankfully no one was hurt. this morning it is like a contest every few minutes mike gets a new reading. >> who is the winner this time? >> still petaluma mid 20s there other areas starting to get close up in the north bay valleys, a lot of low 30s bay shore into the east bay valleys. afternoon hours a lot of sun, low to mid 50s today, if you are traveling about, rain is near eugene, also where the snow is. works down to eureka and mount shasta during the afternoon. upper 50s to low 60s sunshine palm , san diego and l.a., if you can get to the seer -- sierra and today.]w no chain requirements now, good time to get up there.
5:55 am
live shot of the san mateo bridge busier westbound towards foster city up and over highrise, no significant slow downs, 14 to 15 minute drive between east bay and peninsula. san jose north 87 good drive past hp pavilion. new accident westbound 580 at basco blocking lane three, slow approaching that scene, 30 minute drive up and over the altamont to dublin pleasanton, slow out of antioch towards concord. san jose supervisors have unanimously voted to approve new policies to prevent future abuse of county-issued credit cards. the man the microscope, the board president george shirakawa ran yesterday's meeting. audits suggest over four years, shirakawa's office over $30,000 in public funs that violated existing rules. from now on credit card charges will be reviewed by financial officers as soon as
5:56 am
they come in the d.a.'s office and state's political practices commission conning their own investigations leaving a cloud over shirakawa. he tells abc7 news he takes full responsibility for his acts and was glad he had a chance to vote for reforms. this morning massive manhunt underway for two men who made a daring escape from a federal prison in downtown chicago. the two inmates tied bed sheets together to create a rope, then lowered themselves 20 stories down. they were discovered missing during a early morning headcount. officials aren't sure when the pair escaped. s.w.a.t. teams stormed a house where they thought the two might be, they found no one there. both are facing hefty sentences on bank robbery convictions. fbi considers them armed and dangerous. next, we are continuing to follow breaking news from the south bay. firefighters respond to a storage unit overnight, deadly discovery they made inside and the investigation now underway.
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later, cleaning glassware no easy chore, michael finney
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it is cold, 6:00 on this wednesday morning i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. how cold is it? cold enough we are seeing frost even around the bay shore almost out to some of the valleys at the coast that gives you an idea.


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